Florian lab

Florian lab, spatial biology and cancer research at Charité, Berlin

from cells to tissues

We are an interdisciplinary group of pathologists, cell biologists, biochemists and bioinformaticians trying to combine approaches from our respective disciplines in order to better understand how cancers emerge and to improve cancer treatment.

Current team

Julie Bohl
Dražen Papić
Ines Koch

Julie Bohl


Dražen Papić, PhD


Ines Koch


Nadja Pikki

Nadja Pikki

PhD student

BSc bioinformatics

MSc economics & management

Philip Bischoff

Philip Bischoff, MD

BIH clinician scientist,

resident in pathology

pictures ©Christoph Weber, Charité for PB and IK, all others from personal archives 


Fabian Pusch Fadi, formerly MD student, now Anton Henssen lab


Our collaboration partners


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